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Employee Engagement and Retention

We decided to offer employee engagement tools and resources after many conversations with our clients about their core needs in this area as well as what they had experienced when working with consultants specializing in retention. Most companies focus on what needs to change in an organization, areas of improvement and issues. We focus first on what's working! What does the company do exceptionally well? How does the company measure up in it's industry and what do the employees have to be incredibly proud of? We offer FREE resources as well as billed, but all are very budget friendly and concise on timing because your team has enough meetings- and work should be the top priority, even when building a fantastic environment!

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Industry Consultation

You can't know how you're doing- if you don't truly know how you're doing in comparison to your industry competitors, the local employers down the street that are hiring for similar positions- and it's an exhausting internet search with unreliable sources. Let us help you have accurate information and also grow your network locally. We of course, do this work while respecting our clients and all proprietary information.

Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Conducted completely anonymously with encrypted software personalized to your organization and needs. Quick turnaround time for reporting; we take things off your teams plates and make data meaningful and accessible.

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Remote and Hybrid Employee Engagement Activities

We have multiple offerings available here and partner with companies locally and nationally to help your hybrid and remote team members engage with your in office team in new and exciting ways.

Outsource Connection

You can't outsource building connections within your team, you can however outsource any stress of coordinating it. We help bridge gaps. We talk to you about your goals, your team. Who might need extra support, how they like to receive support. We make it easy, seamless. so that in a few minutes a week, you are able to build significant partnerships on your teams so that retention is increased and people can build lasting careers.

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